Community Guidelines

Community Guidelines
In order to live within the framework of a certain status in society, it is necessary to comply with some community rules. If these rules are not followed, there will be conflict and it will not be possible to gain respect in the society. While today’s digital environment is so developed, community rules should not be neglected not only outside, but also on social media and on some platforms on the internet. Thus, we can create a certain environment in the digital environment and meet with different people within the framework of a certain status.
Community rules exist on news sites, social media and many digital media. Those who violate these rules are removed from the environment because they disturb the peace of the community. It is essential to pay attention to some rules, especially when broadcasting and commenting on news sites.
What are Community Guidelines on Digital Platform News Sites?
• Users must be respectful to each other.
• Members cannot make racist, sexist, homophobic and abusive comments to each other. Anyone who makes such an attempt will have their comments deleted and their account blocked.
• It is forbidden to comment on people’s religious understanding, race, origin, age, social status, political view, physical condition and similar situations by users. It is also prohibited to make criminal, violent and derogatory comments.
• People who reveal the personal information of other users by violating the membership agreement and use the information they obtain for their own benefit, people who disturb other users in the form of harassment will definitely be kicked out of the site.
• Persons who humiliate, humiliate individuals or societies, use slang expressions and insults will not be kept on the site and their memberships will be deleted.
• Users should respect other people’s comments, language and religion in order to have a healthier conversation area.
• All lowercase or all uppercase letters are prohibited in comments. In terms of images, the use of letters that are tiring should not be used.
• All comments made on the site must be in Turkish.
• It is necessary to pay attention to spelling and spelling rules as much as possible in the comments.
• Comments containing copyright or for commercial purposes will not be allowed.
• It is forbidden to send spam messages, even if the same message is sent more than once, it will not be answered.
• It is forbidden to use provocative membership names.

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