Alcoholism: The Cause & The Cure Book Review

How to cure the bio-chemical root cause of alcohol addiction and stop alcohol abuse forever

The alcoholism treatment center’s “operations manual” that brings the most advanced orthomolecular alcoholism treatment center to you!
By Genita Petralli with contributions by Dr. Katherine Nelson N.D.

Contained is the proven orthomolecular alcoholism treatment program that cures alcoholism by healing the physical and mental bio-pathways damaged by alcohol abuse thus relieving the effects of alcoholism symptoms created by long-term drinking and truly breaking the addiction!

This is a TREATMENT that heals you and cures the addiction!

“After 30 years as a health science lecturer and having worked individually with many alcoholics, there is no doubt in my mind that nutrition is the best tool there is to fight drinking. With its emphasis on body-strengthening nutritional physiology, rather than medication or feel-good talk psychology, Alcoholism: The Cause and the Cure presents a way out for people who have fallen through the cracks in our society’s inadequate, obsolete and pharmaphilic (drug based) approach to alcoholism.” Dr. Andrew W. Saul (, author of Doctor Yourself: Natural Healing that Works, and Contributing Editor for the Journal of Orthomolecular Medicine.

Alcoholism: The Cause & The Cure The 101 Program: Bringing the Holistic Detox Center to You
About the Book
Alcoholism: The Cause & The Cure is a holistic rehab’s “operations” manual exposing the most advanced orthomolecular method known for detoxing and healing addictive biochemistry: The 101 Program – the proven orthomolecular treatment that cures alcoholism and addictive biochemistry. It demonstrates the biochemical differences of those with addictive biochemistry and explicitly guides you in addressing those differences as the means to curing the addiction.

Alcoholism: The Cause & The Cure is not only the most comprehensive book providing the techniques used to heal addictive biochemistry through addressing the root cause of alcoholism, and the research and science which validates the supremacy of orthomolecular alcoholism treatment over all others, but is the most effective holistic treatment you can find in a book, retreat, or rehab.

Successful completion of The 101 Program not only detoxes you in a healing, nourishing way by correcting nutritional deficiencies known to those suffering the physical and mental effects of alcohol addiction including depression, mental/physical fatigue, anxiety, nervousness, paranoia, and emotional instability but takes your quest for sobriety to the next level and guides you through the process of healing your addictive biochemistry, freeing you from the symptoms of alcoholism and the compulsive desire to drink through addressing the well- researched genetic influences that encourage addictive biochemistry. Everyone has specific health care needs as a result of lifestyle, genes, and lifelong dietary practices. Those whom have demonstrated addictive biochemistry have very specific nutritional and dietary requirements to prevent and heal addictive biochemistry and you will be provided an unprecedented education in the nutritional protocol that you are required to practice to relieve yourself of the bonds of addiction so that you may not only enjoy sobriety but also enhanced health – giving sobriety a whole new meaning.

Alcoholism: The Cause & The Cure Book Review
Alcoholism: The Cause & The Cure Book Review

Alcoholism: The Cause and the Cure

Table of Contents

Bringing the Most Advanced Holistic Detox
Center to You
Testimonials v

Chapter One
Your Holistic Detox Operations Manual 1
This Book’s Purpose and What You’ll Accomplish 2
Definition: Addictive Biochemistry 5
Definition of Addiction 6
Definition of Disease 7
How to separate addiction from disease 7
Definition of Cure 12
The Premise of The 101 Program 13
What is orthomolecular medicine? 13
Bill Wilson – The first fan of orthomolecular treatment 14
Alcohol Abuse and Body Chemistry 15
Adopting a Healthy Perspective 16
Drinking and Unfulfilled Desires 18
Time To Heal 19
Damaged Body Chemistry and How Long It Takes To Heal 20
Treatment vs. Support Groups 22
Treatment Options and Support Groups 22
Support Groups 23
Talk Therapy 29
“Talk-therapy” Does Not Correct an Addicted Metabolism
Drug-centric Treatment 33
Legal, Illegal and OTC Drugs 37
The Gene Linked Propaganda 39
Rehabilitation Centers 41
Moving Forward 45
The Looming Threat to Orthomolecular and Holistic Medicine 47
The Best Intervention – How to Avoid Addiction 54
Getting Started 58
Chapter Two
What Makes Your Body Chemistry Different 61
The Key Biochemical Factors of Alcohol Addiction 62
Addictive Biochemistry – Genetic 62
Addicted Biochemistry – Earned 62
Major Organs Afflicted 63
Breaking down the damage 63
GI Damage / Malnutrition 64
Endocrine System 69
The Sugar Connection To The Addiction To Alcohol 71
Why Is It So Hard To Have Just One? 77
Suppression of Endocrine System 78
Why Drinkers Age So Quickly 78
Fatigued / Injured Adrenals 79
Hypoadrenocorticism and the Angry Drunk 80
Adrenals and circadian rhythms 81
Pancreatic Inflammation / Injury 82
Brain Chemistry 86
Mental Health and Problem Drinking 86
Introduction to neurotransmitters 86
Neurotransmitter Effects On Your Psychological Health 88
Acetaldehyde Toxicity – Neurotransmitters & THIQs 97
Acetaldehyde Addiction 99
Sources of Acetaldehyde 99
Tolerance 100
Withdrawal 100
Candidas Albicans 101
Liver 104
How People Process Alcohol Differently 104
Alcohol Metabolism in the Liver 104
How Problem Drinking Creates Psychological Disorders 105
The Biochemical Physiological to Psychological Roadmap 107
How You Become Addicted 110
Review 110
Progression of Addicted Biochemistry 112
Naturally Cleaning Up Your Life Through Your Body 113
Moving Forward 115
How do I correct my metabolism? 115
Roadmap to the Cure 115
Heal organs / correct biochemistry – cure the addiction 116
What can I expect to heal in addition to the addiction? 116
What will I gain by doing The 101 Program? 117
Review of Treatment Options 117
Chapter Three
Overview – The 101 Program 120
Therapeutic Nutriceuticals To Address 120
Recommended Additional Activities That Promote Detoxification
The 101 Program Consists of 3 Phases 121
Phase 1: Krispy Kleen 121
Phase II: The Ark 122
Phase III: To Life! 122
To Life Supplementation 122
High Level 101 Program Snapshot 124
Why Therapeutic Nutriceuticals? 126
Supplements 128
The 101 Program Formulas 130
Supplements and Lab Tests 132
Pre Krispy Kleen Tests 133
Post Krispy Kleen Tests 134
Post The Ark Tests 134
Blood / Urine / Saliva Tests 134
Information Collected From Tests 136
Suggested Lab Tests and Testing Timetable 138
Lab Locations 140
Detoxifying and Healing the Liver 142
Phase I Detox 142
Phase II Detox 143
Phase I & II Detox 143
Balancing Phase I & II 144
Phase I Too Slow 144
Phase I Too Fast 145
Liver Detox Pathways and Supportive Nutrients 145
Phase I Regulation 145
Phase II Regulation 146
Bowel Cleansing 147
Bowel Cleansing and GI Restoration 147
Colonic Irrigation 147
Parasite Cleansing 148
Liver & Gallbladder Stone Flushing 148
Introduction – Dr. Katherine Nelson 149
Bowel Cleansing – Dr. Katherine Nelson 150
The Big Picture of Detoxification – Dr. Katherine Nelson 151
Every Organ Counts 151
Smoking 152
The 101 Program Instructions 153
Krispy Kleen 7 day Prep 153
Phase I – Krispy Kleen Flush – weeks 2 – 7 155
8th Week – Snow White Deep Detox 157
Fasting 158
The 101 Program Fasting Broth 160
Phase II – The Ark 7 – 18 months 160
Depression 163
Warning 166
Phase III – To Life! 166
To Life! Supplements 167
Relapse vs. Process 169
The Wrap – Dr. Katherine Nelson 171
Chapter Four
The 101 Diet 179
Addictive Biochemistry Diet 179
The 101 Diet 180
Introduction by Dr. Katherine Nelson 180
Preparing a Diet 184
Mastering Your Energy Sources 184
The Bottom Line: Eat Real Whole Foods 187
Basic Guidelines for Good Dietary Selections 189
Additional Reading for xSugar (addictive biochemistry) Diets
Glycemic Index 191
Types Of Foods To Include 192
Types Of Foods To Exclude 192
General Guidelines To Better Health 192
Coffee Substitutes 193
Good Fats / Bad Fats 193
Removing Pesticides from Your Produce 196
Warning: Microwaves and Plastic 196
The Krispy Kleen Detox Diet 196
Krispy Kleen 7 Day Prep 197
Krispy Kleen Flush (weeks 2 – 7) 200
Krispy Kleen Detox Diet 202
Good For You Foods 204
Complex Carbohydrates 204
Vegetables 205
Protein 205
Fruits 205
Spices and other condiments 206
Liquids 206
During this phase foods to avoid are: 206
Example Routine 207
8th Week – Snow White – 101 Deep Cleanse / Fast 208
Dietary Guidelines for the 101 Ark 209
To Life! 211
Test Driving Your New Biochemistry 212
To a New Life! 213
Chapter Five
Addictive & Addicted Biochemistry 215
The Cause 215
Alcohol Addiction Review 215
The Biochemistry of Addiction – How the Major Organs are Afflicted
GI Tract 217
The Liver 220
Inefficient or Afflicted Liver 222
Alcohol Metabolism in the Liver 223
Causes of Liver Damage 223
Acetaldehyde Toxicity 223
Contributing Effects of Acetaldehyde on Addiction and Liver and
Brain Damage 226
Acetaldehyde and NAD Deficiency 229
Lifestyle & Liver Disease 232
The key factors that contribute to liver disease are: 232
Fat Metamorphosis 234
Brain Chemistry 236
Neuro-anatomy Overview 236
Neurotransmitters and Neuro-active Peptides 238
How The Brain Communicates Within Itself 238
Neurotransmitter Bioenergetics and Alcohol / Sugar 238
Normal Brain Activity 238
Graphic of balanced “normal” brain chemistry 239
Downregulated Brain Activity 239
Upregulated Brain Activity 240
The Life of a Neurotransmitter 242
How Alcohol Affects Neurotransmitter Function in the Brain 244
Example of Normal Brain Chemistry 244
Example of Alcohol in the Brain Chemistry 244
Key Neurotransmitters Affected by Alcohol 245
Neurotransmitters: A Delicate Balance 246
Neurotransmitter Classifications 247
Amine 248
Monoamines – Catecholamines 248
Alcohol’s Effects on Dopamine 249
Graphic – Serotonin Biosynthesis 252
Serotonin – Upregulation 252
Serotonin & Sugar Addiction 253
Serotonin / Melatonin 254
Opioids 255
Beta Endorphins and Enkephalins 255
Low Beta Endorphin Symptoms 255
GABA (gamma-aminobutyric acid) 256
Glutamate 257
GABA and Glutamate – A Delicate Balance 257
Neurotransmitters – Disorders and Symptoms 258
Alcohol & The Brain The Physiological to Psychological Roadmap
to Addiction 259
Endocrine System 261
Hypothalamus / Pituitary 261
Hypothalamus and Metabolism 264
Suppressed Thyroid Hormone Release 265
Hypothalamus and Neuropeptide Y 266
The Pancreas 267
Pancreatitis Symptoms 270
Adrenals 271
Hypoglycemic Connection to Alcoholism 272
Sugar / Alcohol Similar – Processes of Addiction 272
Hypoglycemia and “Dry Drunk” Symptoms are Identical
Withdrawal 274
Dangers of the Typical “Dry Drunk” Diet and No Treatment
Addressing the Damage 275
Chapter Six
Key Nutriceuticals and What They Do 277
Vitamins 277
Key Antioxidants 296
Minerals 300
Essential Fatty Acids 305
Amino Acids 305
Amino Acids – Essential 308
Essential Amino Acids Functions 308
Non – Essential Amino Acids 317
Neurotransmitters- Nutriceutical Precursors 324
HGH 326
Fats 327
Essential Fatty Acids (EFAs) 330
EFA Classifications 331
Omega 3 EFA Food Sources 337
Omega 6 EFA Food Sources 338
Balancing your Omega 3 and 6 food sources 339
The Adrenals and the Pancreas 340
Adrenal Health 340
Pancreatic Health 341
Additional Support 343
Wheatgrass 344
Withdrawal 346
Exercise 346
External (examples) 346
Internal (examples) 347
Summary 347
Live Longer – The Blessing 348
Moderation or Complete Abstinence? 349
Appendix One 352
Krispy Kleen Formula 352
The Ark 356
To Life! 358
xThe Blues 360
The 101 Program xSugar Formula 361
xSugar Formula 362
101 Preserve & Protect 363
xAcetaldehyde 363
Candidas Albicans 365
xCandidas Supplement Considerations 365
Krispy Kleen Detox Diet Food Guide 366
Source 366
Appendix 2 368
The 101 Prep (Week 1) 368
Krispy Kleen Flush – Week 2 371
Krispy Kleen Flush – Weeks 3-7 373
Snow White 375
Week 8 375
Fasting Broth 377
Krispy Kleen Program Chart 378
The Ark Program Chart 380
Appendix 3 381
Alternative Approaches to end Alcohol Abuse 381
Personal Services and Support Network 381
The 101 Program Services Include: 382
Personal Services 382
Phone Consultations 382
Evaluation of All Lab Work and Personally Designed Nutriceutical
Programs 383
Assistance developing diets based on The 101 Program requirements
and personal food preferences. 384
Standard Personal Assistance Roadmap 385
Before you begin the Krispy Kleen Detox 385
Week 9: The Ark 385
After Completion of The Ark 386
Additional Lab Tests 386
Resources and Links 387

What our readers and those on the program are saying!




Alcoholism: The Cause & The Cure The 101 Program

When I first started the The 101 Program I had been drinking uncontrollably for 20 years. I had been to in-patient programs, to AA meetings, to intensive out patient programs and counseling and tried a variety of medications including Anabuse.
I was convinced that this was going to be my life until I died. I held down a job and had a wonderful family but from early morning until late at night I required alcohol in order to function and then I heard about The 101 Program and met Ms. Petralli and her wonderful staff.
I have now been alcohol free for nearly three years, but most importantly is the way I did it. I am not in a constant state of craving drink. The program has addressed my bio-chemical imbalance in my brain and I no longer crave alcohol.
It was hard at first but not as hard as the other programs I have been in. The program adjusts your biochemistry and for a week I didn’t feel great but that soon passed and then I began doing things again that I hadn’t been able to do in 20 years: long walks with my family, rejoining the gym. It was truly amazing.
The 101 Program is not just about the absence of alcohol; it is about the presence of health. If you truly want to become whole and healthy, if you want to regain the joy that alcohol takes from all of us then there is a way to do that and this is the way. Elizabeth


I went through hell and back before I found this program in September ’06.  I prayed for years that God would help me find my way through this and finally I found his answer on the Internet one night when I was trying to find some kind of online support group, being hesitant to join AA because as you know, it’s not anonymous, even though it should be. I ordered the book online, then I contacted the 101 program and I’ve been working my way through it ever since. It was really amazing.  My anxiety and my urge to drink alcohol literally left me in the first week.  I spent a lot of that week sobbing with a mixture of joy and apprehension- feeling for the first time in about 10 years what I had always wanted to feel -a ‘normal’ relationship with alcohol.  Like Elisabeth I was for a long time waiting for the whole thing to collapse and to start feeling lousy again, but I just don’t need alcohol now. This has changed my life to an unbelievable degree. I think I embarrass the author by gushing at her with my thanks.  But how do you thank someone for giving you your life back? Cherbee

I just wanted to tell you that I finished the Krispy Kleen 8 week detox about a week ago. Your program was a life saver. I have tried countless times to quit drinking, all unsuccessful. Exercise alone did not help. I needed the nutritional and supplemental support that is offered in the Krispy Kleen program. I want to thank Ms. Petralli for taking the time and energy to compile this program. Not only has my compulsive desire to get drunk everyday disappeared, but I am now running 3-4 miles every day, also quit smoking, I’m accomplishing things I thought I’d never have the inspiration for, and making big life changes. I can’t thank you enough. This detox program is a real success, and everyone with an alcohol problem should know about it. I can see the change is permanent. Even my cravings for high-carb / high-sugar foods has disappeared.
I feel The 101 Program should have more exposure than she does. I have already told several alcoholic relatives about it. Hopefully, they’ll take it seriously enough to embark on this journey. Getting started is the hardest part (I received the shipment late December but didn’t get the guts to really start on it for real until late February).
Thanks again. Feel free to publish this testimony if you wish from John G., Lancaster, PA.”

“After 20 years of drinking myself to sleep every night, I approached this program with trepidation and skepticism. However, with Genita’s coaxing and a well developed preparation week, I successfully stopped drinking and had remarkably little or no impulse to commence my old habit. A landmark program without the stigma of counseling or meetings. Highly recommended.”
DD – Texas

First of all, let me just thank Ms. Petralli for making the effort to consolidate all this extremely valuable information. I’ve been looking around for quite some time for an alternative approach to fighting alcohol abuse with no luck.
I purchased the book a few nights ago and have been glued to it ever since. I finished it last night, and I totally resonate with its point of view. I have always considered diet to be the most crucial factor in any problem…..I just never made the sugar connection with my problem drinking.
I am very excited about the 101 Program…thanks for all your help.
TS – Washington

Thank you, I got it, I’ve read it, I’m 3 days into this now & she’s absolutely right. I feel great, both mentally & physically because of what I read & have done, and I’m only 3-days into getting rid of my problem.
LM – New Hampshire

Thank you for your patience and I have been dry now for 2 weeks and have not felt the same pain as in previous occasions!!
AP – United Kingdom

Completed week 5 and am coasting to the Krispy Kleen finish line. Not sure I’m going to do the two-day fast as I have already lost 15 lbs. Got my blood tested Friday and obtained results today. Biggest surprise was my cholesterol that dropped from 275 to 188. My blood pressure also dropped from an average of 138/84 to 115/75. Looking forward to eating a little more variety. I don’t even think about drinking. It’s simply a non issue.
DD – Texas

All is well. No desire to drink whatsoever. Based on this program as well as the “eat for you type” structure I’ve adopted, I’ve managed to shed some of my chronic ills. For example, I’ve been battling a ringworm problem on both feet (my cat!) for about three months using a home remedy (bleach and oil or oregano) with little luck. Mysteriously, the problem has suddenly cleared up on its own. I’ve also had marked improvements in other chronic conditions such as prostate discomfort, candidas (rectal itching) and dry eye. When I started the program my blood pressure was 138 / 84 but this morning it was down to 117 / 75. In a couple of weeks I will be getting another blood test to assess the affect on my cholesterol.
DD – Texas

Thank you for your kind note and I’m glad to discover this book and the methodology behind it. I’m a smart, nice looking 49 year old man with a good relationship, good home and much to be thankful for. I’m also addicted to alcohol and have been alarmed over the past several years to see my addiction grow with an alarming, frightening rate. I’m experiencing everything I’ve read so far in the book and already feel a sense of relief in knowing that I’m not doomed and my life is over. I see that there’s a reason to be hopeful about the future now.

Thank you for your lengthy e-mail. It was most informative, and I will check out the resources. I’ve been studying up on the hypoglycemia connection myself (my doctor told me I have a 40% chance of developing diabetes in the next 10 years, so have been trying to change my eating habits.) I see some of these same carbohydrate related signs in my teenage son.
Keep up the great work!
NS – Arizona

I’m very impressed with the biochemical approach. Cravings have been bothering me for years and this is the first time I have found a scientific approach to dealing with them. You are doing important work. Thanks again!
LM – California

Thanks for all your help!!!! I finally got the program installed and am very happy with the contents. I hereby bestow upon you a medal for aid and assistance above the call of duty. Thanks again.
BT – Oregon

I had breast cancer 6 years ago and while on chemo and radiation, compiled a personal supplement regime of over 35 vitamins, minerals etc. Many I see are included in your supplements. I was focusing on liver cleansing as the chemo needed to be cleansed out of my system. I am always looking and doing periodic cleansing and detox. I appreciate your approach and explanations of the body functions etc. I feel this could be very valuable presented to the cancer community as well for recovery from the toxic chemicals. Many thanks once again.
ML – New Mexico

Hello i received your second version and i think its great!! … i cant wait to start the program. Thanks!
EB – Connecticut

My husband and I have just finished reading the first chapter. We both feel so relieved and happy we could just sit down and cry. Thanks to all of you.
LS – Montana

AA meetings are ridiculous, I recognized that right off the bat, and they do leave you with a feeling of hopelessness that sticks, until you read “Alcoholism: The Cause & The Cure”. It opened my eyes & mind to the truth. Knowing what’s wrong with you & having methods to heal it are what I looked for, for several years. I gave up until recently, and happened on your website.

The information Alcoholism: The Cause & The Cure provides releases you from the depression and anxiety, the feeling that you’re doomed, that AA preaches. It makes you understand what’s happening to you & why, and how to change/stop it, and what to expect along the way.
EM – New York

Hi, I purchased your book about a month ago and found it quite informing and must say it is helping me feel better.

Thanks – already reading, seems to be a sensible solution.

I have included the testimonials from those that did not find AA helpful because it is an honest representation of the experiences that many share. While AA has and does help people, it will never replace treating the addiction in the holistic bio-medical way it needs to be treated to heal it and that is why so many do not find success in AA. I do not consider this the fault of AA as it is a support group and not a treatment and many go to meetings as a stand-alone treatment and that is where they go wrong. However, it would be helpful if AA embraced the now proven fact that there is a cure and would encourage people to begin the holistic treatments that address the symptoms that make their lives miserable and drive them back to drinking as well as the holistic treatments such as this one that truly embody the cure.
Change comes slow – I’m just glad that you are here now!


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